110 Series Thermal Break aluminium Casement Window With Net

Product configuration:

  • Profile thickness:
  • Frame thickness: 1.8mm
  • Fan thickness: 2.0mm
  • Fan width: 450mm-800mm
  • Fan height: 600mm-2000mm     Maximum load: 80kg


  • 5+20A+5 double-layer tempered hollow glass


  • Standard magnetic control hollow blinds


  • The frame width is 110mm, a 14.8mm heat insulation strip is used, and a nylon heat insulation strip (PA66GF25) is used, which has excellent heat
    insulation performance.
  • Double-layer (5+20A+5) fully sealed hollow automobile-grade safety glass, which can be used as inner yarn and outer glass, double-layer
    sealing, better sealing;
  • It can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves and has a good sound insulation effect.
  • Standard C-slot accessories on the general market, systematic design of rubber strips, seals, hardware, and other accessories, realize the
    superior performance of door and window products and ensure good air-tightness and water-tightness.
  • Insulating glass can be freely equipped with magnetically controlled hollow louvers to realize a two-way selection of lighting and shading.
  • Diversified design of appearance and function, novel visual effect, filled with polymer thermal insulation material in the cavity, detailed design is
    fully upgraded, and product performance is improved.
  • The independent drainage system design of the frame and fan can effectively improve the water tightness of the whole window and prevent
    rainwater from ingressing. The outer frame adopts a hidden drainage scheme, and the overall design is simple and elegant