146 Series Thermal Break aluminium Lifting Sliding Door

Product specifications:

  • Profile thickness: 2.0mm
  • Fan width: 600mm-2000mm
  • Fan height: 1500mm-3000mm
  • Maximum load: 100kg

Standard glass:

  • 5mm+27A+5mm double-layer tempered insulating glass


  • Electric blinds or magnetic blinds

Insulation strip size:

  • 20mm


  • All sides of the door leaf and the frame body are sealed with rubber strips, and the connection between the outer frame and the upper and lower rails is
    sealed with waterproof plugs, waterproof gaskets, and other seals, and the watertight performance is more than 500Pa.
  • The door leaf hook uses a plastic cover to divide the hook into two parts. The door frame uses a plastic plate insert to separate the door leaf from inside
    and outside to achieve separation between inside and outside. Control it below 1.7.
  • The frame and fan adopt the embedded structure, and the thickness of the profile is 2.0mm. In a single fan of 1.8 square meters, the wind pressure
    the resistance value of the additional sleeve core can reach 5000PA.
  • It can be used for lifting sliding doors, fixed doors, ordinary sliding, and other designs, and also be used as a magnetic levitation electric sliding door.
  • The glass can be loaded and unloaded by laminating strips, which reduces difficulties in the transportation and replacement of glass.