50 Series aluminium Casement Door

Profile thickness:

  • sash thickness: 1.4mm
  • door thickness: 1.8mm
  • Frame thickness: 1.4mm

Tilt and turn window:

  • Fan width: 520mm-800mm
  • Fan height: 700mm-1500mm
  • Maximum fan load: 60kg

Casement window:

  • Fan width: 400mm-800mm
  • Fan height: 700mm-1500mm
  • Maximum fan load: 60kg


  • 5mm+6A+5mm double tempered glass
  • In the case of broken edges, it can make up to 5mm+19A+5mm double-tempered insulating glass


  • normal is flat grill (6A or 9A hollow)or square large grill (19A hollow)


  • Magnetic control Blinds


  • The wall thickness of the standard profile is 1.4mm, and the design adopts the European standard notch to meet the versatility of accessories
    on the market easy to use, flexible, more space-saving, large opening area, wide field of vision, and more conducive to air convection.
  • The door leaf is beautifully designed and suitable for high-end villas, residences, and clubs.
  • The opening style can be done: outside opening window, inside opening window, Tilt and turn window, top hung window:, single casement door,
    double casement door