68 Series Thermal Break aluminium Folding Door

Profile thickness:

  • Frame thickness: 2.0mm
  • Fan thickness: 2.0mm
  • Fan height: 900mm-3500mm

Maximum weight of single glass fan: 100kg


  • 5mm+27A+5mm double-layer tempered hollow glass Insulation strip size: 14.8mm


  • Electric Blinds and magnetic control Blinds


  • The profile fan thickness is 68mm, and the visible surface of the door leaf is 140mm after closing.
  • The upper part adopts the bearing design of the positioning pulley block, and the lower part adopts the load-bearing pulley block, which has
    higher safety performance.
  • Perfect sealing structure design, a variety of door and window types are available, folding fans can be odd and even; more doors can be freely
    folded left and right, concise and bright.
  • Arc-shaped sealant is installed between the door leaf and the center column to prevent hands from being caught when pushing the door.
  • The lower wheel of super load-bearing bearing adopts high load-bearing single-row deep groove ball bearing inside the pulley, which has low
    resistance, light and stable operation wear resistance and long product life.
  • The profile adopts EPDM sealing tape, which is not easy to age, more durable, and achieves a more comprehensive sealing effect.
  • Profiles and hardware doors and windows are common, door leaves can be combined at will 440/422/431/330/321, et