70 Series Thermal Break aluminium Window

Profile thickness:

  • Frame thickness: 1.8mm

Product configuration: 

Tilt and turn window:

  • Width: 520mm-800mm
  • Height: 700mm-1500mm
  • Maximum fan load: 60kg

Casement window:

  • Width: 400mm-800mm
  • Height: 700mm-1500mm
  • Maximum fan load: 60kg

When the 70 series is used for casement doors:

  • Width: 600mm-900mm
  • Height: 1800mm-2400mm


  • 5mm+19A+5mm double tempered glass
  • 5mm+27A+5mm double tempered glass


  • 70 thermal break casement series are normally square grills or diamond grills (27A hollow)


  • Built-in manual Blinds or magnetic control Blinds, Electric Blinds
  • Door and window sashes can be manual Blinds or fixed Blinds. The corners can be 90° and 135°



  • The standard international profile thickness is 2.0mm, which is sturdy and durable.
  • The material design adopts a European standard notch to meet the versatility of accessories on the market
  • The cavity adopts EPDM sealing tape, which is not easy to age, is durable, and achieves a more comprehensive sealing effect
  • The opening style can be done: outside opening window, inside opening window, Tilt and turn window, top hung window:, single casement door,
    double casement door